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Penfield Central School District- Other
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Penfield Central School District- Other

May 08, 2020

NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING, BUDGET VOTE AND ELECTION PENFIELD CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT Town(s) of Penfield, Perinton, Pittsford, Brighton, Macedon and Walworth, County(s) of Monroe and Wayne, New York - NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That a public hearing of the qualified voters of the Penfield Central School District, Monroe County, New York will be held on May 26, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. EDT virtually for the presentation of the budget. Information regarding the budget hearing may be accessed on the District’s website at That the annual meeting vote and election of the qualified voters of the Penfield Central School District of the Town of Penfield, Monroe County, New York, will be held on June 9, 2020 by absentee ballot only as follows: (1) to elect two (2) members of the Board for 3 year terms commencing July 1, 2020 and expiring on June 30, 2023 to succeed Mrs. Lisa Benati-Chidsey and Mr. Calvin Frelier; (2) the adoption of the following propositions: PROPOSITION 1: Shall the following resolution be adopted to wit: To adopt the annual budget of the School District for the fiscal year 2020-2021 and to authorize the requisite portion thereof to be raised by taxation on the taxable property of the District. PROPOSITION 2: Shall the following resolution be adopted to wit: Resolved that the Board of Education of the Penfield Central School District is hereby authorized to purchase six (6) sixty-six passenger type school buses and one (1) thirty passenger type school bus and to expend from the capital fund therefor a sum not exceeding $824,546, with $480,000 of such cost to be appropriated and expended from the 2020-21 general fund budget, and to appropriate and expend the balance not to exceed $344,546 from the 2017 School Bus Reserve Fund established pursuant to Section 3651 of the Education Law. Budget Information That a copy of the statement of the amount of money which will be required to fund the School District's budget for 2020-2021, exclusive of public monies together with propositions to be voted upon, may be obtained by any resident of the District during business hours beginning May 19, 2020 on the District’s internet website (, or during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except Saturday, Sunday and holidays, at the Administration Building, 2590 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester. Petitions Nominating Board Candidates Nominations of candidates for the office of member of Board of Education must be filed with the District Clerk not later than May 11, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. In accordance with New York State Executive Order No. 202.26, there is no minimum threshold of signatures required on nominating petitions for this election, provided, however, an individual must meet any other requirements necessary to be placed on the ballot, including any applicable residency and age requirements. Absentee Ballots In accordance with Executive Order 202.26, at least (1) absentee ballot shall be provided per household for the 2020 annual meeting. If a household requires additional ballots, please contact the District Clerk at (585)249-5702 or A list of persons to whom absentee ballots have been issued will be available for inspection in the District Clerk’s Office, during regular business hours, during each of the five (5) days prior to the election, except Sundays, and shall also be posted at the doors of the polling place on June 9, 2020: Penfield High School, 25 High School Drive, Penfield. Absentee ballots must be received by the School District by mail or delivery at the District Office at 2590 Atlantic Ave, Rochester, NY 14625 by 5:00 P.M. prevailing time on June 9, 2020. Military Ballots Military voters who are qualified voters of the School District may apply for a military ballot by requesting an application from the District Clerk at (585)249-5702 or For a military voter to be issued a military ballot, the District Clerk must have received a valid ballot application no later than 5:00 P.M. on May 14, 2020. In a request for a military ballot application or ballot, the military voter may indicate their preference for receiving the application or ballot by mail, facsimile transmission or electronic mail. Qualifications to Vote That the qualified voters of the School District shall be entitled to vote at said annual vote and election. A qualified voter is one who is (1) a citizen of the United States of America, (2) eighteen years of age or older, and (3) resident within the School District for a period of thirty (30) days next preceding the annual vote and election. The School District may require all persons offering to vote at the budget vote and election to provide one form of proof of residency pursuant to Education Law §2018-c. Such form may include a driver's license, a non-driver identification card, a utility bill, or a voter registration card. Upon offer of proof of residency, the School District may also require all persons offering to vote to provide their signature, printed name and address. District Clerk: Sharon B. Urckfitz Dated: May 5, 2020 School District: Penfield Central School District Town of Penfield, County of Monroe, New York 11883855 05/08/20

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