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11421953  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesKCPROJECTCONSULTING, L.L.C. Notice of Formation … see more 11/15/2019
11422043  MonroeBidsConstructionADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS THE BOARD OF EDUCATION f… see more 11/15/2019
11422738  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesCONLEY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC - Notice of Formati… see more 11/15/2019
11422794  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION Butler & Son LLC filed Arti… see more 11/15/2019
11422823  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesA BETTER HIGH, LLC Notice of Formation of A Bett… see more 11/15/2019
11422993  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesBP#0817-19 FURNISH & INSTALL PROJECTOR SYSTEM… see more11/15/2019
11423382  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesINVITATION FOR BIDS Sale of Used Transit Buses R… see more 11/15/2019
11423383  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION Theresa Toscano LLC filed Ar… see more 11/15/2019
11423390  MonroeGovernmentElectionsNOTICE OF ANNUAL ELECTION LEGAL NOTICE ANNUAL EL… see more 11/15/2019
11423587  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesEIP HOLDINGS II, LLC Notice of Qualification of … see more 11/15/2019
11423639  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesRequest for Proposals: COMPENSATION ANALYSIS CON… see more 11/15/2019
11423643  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesInvitation for Bids: FARE BOXES FOR CMZ VEHICLES … see more 11/15/2019
11421738  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesKBS LANDHOLDING LLC NOTICE OF FORMATION of KBS L… see more 11/15/2019
11421743  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION Notice of Formation of God a… see more 11/15/2019
11423592  OntarioBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesImperative Subsidiary LLC Notice of Formation of… see more 11/15/2019
11421750  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesINVITATION FOR BIDS CURB MODIFICATIONS AND CONC… see more 11/08/2019
11420143  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION 40 Jay Scutti Blvd., LLC fil… see more 11/08/2019
11420990  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesCOST A LOT TO WIN LLC Notice of formation of Cos… see more 11/08/2019
11421597  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesBP#1110-19 SEWER PIPE TELEVISION INSPECTION SYSTE… see more11/08/2019
11417074  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesFWORC LLC Notice of Formation of Fworc LLC. Art… see more 11/08/2019
11419568  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesFLOWER CITY PROPERTY RENTALS LLC Flower City Pro… see more 11/08/2019
11419571  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION Accurate Bookkeeping Group L… see more 11/08/2019
11419574  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesMOORE STRATEGIES GROUP LLC Moore Strategies Grou… see more 11/08/2019
11419576  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesTHE PROTON GROUP LLC The Proton Group LLC filed … see more 11/08/2019
11419692  MonroeGovernmentOtherNOTICE Notice is hereby given that the fiscal af… see more 11/01/2019
11419756  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesREQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Wayne County High Acciden… see more 11/01/2019
11417740  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesPRO-VISION SOLUTIONS, LLC Notice of Qualificatio… see more 11/01/2019
11418019  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesERMO PROPERTIES LLC Notice of Formation of ERMO … see more 11/01/2019
11418239  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION BAMF Management VI LLC filed… see more 11/01/2019
11419566  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesBP#0817-19 FURNISH & INSTALL PROJECTOR SYSTEM… see more11/01/2019