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11402319  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesCLIP IT LED, LLC Notice of Formation of Clip It … see more 09/13/2019
11404670  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesMACROPONICS LLC Notice of Formation of MACROPONI… see more 09/13/2019
11404674  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesINVITATION FOR BIDS CUSTOM FABRICATED STAINLESS ST… see more 09/13/2019
11404675  MonroeGovernmentOtherLEGAL NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the ann… see more 09/13/2019
11404780  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesHEIDIS KEYS LLC Notice of Formation of Heidis Ke… see more 09/13/2019
11404781  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesJ NEWMAN & ASSOCIATES LLC Notice of Formation of… see more 09/13/2019
11404802  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesConstruction Management Services for Monroe Commun… see more09/13/2019
11405005  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesREQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Greater Rochester Transpo… see more 09/13/2019
11405007  MonroeGovernmentOtherNOTICE Notice is hereby given that the annual in… see more 09/13/2019
11405011  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesREQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Ambassadors for Reimagine… see more 09/13/2019
11402110  OntarioBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesFINGER LAKES DENTAL CARE OF PALMYRA, PLLC Notice… see more 09/06/2019
11399075  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesRNF ROCHESTER LLC Notice of Formation of RNF ROC… see more 09/06/2019
11399412  MonroeReal EstateSummonsSUPPLEMENTAL SUMMONS WITH NOTICE Index No.: E201… see more 09/06/2019
11401722  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION Notice of Form. of DiPasqual… see more 09/06/2019
11402103  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesLEAF AND FIRE LLC Notice of Formation of Leaf an… see more 09/06/2019
11402105  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesNOTICE TO BIDDERS The Board of Education of the … see more 09/06/2019
11402117  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION Net Back, LLC filed… see more 09/06/2019
11402281  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesABNEY CONSULTING GROUP, LLC Take notice that the… see more 09/06/2019
11402312  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesBP#0903-19 ARMORED CARRIER SERVICE September 25,… see more09/06/2019
11399519  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesINVITATION FOR BID: RTS MONROE TIRE LEASING SERVI… see more 08/30/2019
11399746  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesNOTICE TO BIDDERS The Board of Education of the … see more 08/30/2019
11399747  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesNOTICE TO BIDDERS The Board of Education of the … see more 08/30/2019
11401066  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesBP#0816-19 FURNISH THREE (3) POLYMER MAKEDOWN UNI… see more08/30/2019
11397366  MonroeGovernmentOtherLEGAL NOTICE Tax Collection East Rochester Union… see more 08/30/2019
11398867  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names Entities19 JAQUES LLC Notice of Formation of 19 Jaques L… see more 08/30/2019
11398870  MonroeIndividual and FamilyNoticesNOTICE OF NAMES OF PERSONS APPEARING AS OWNERS OF … see more 08/30/2019
11399807  OntarioBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesALL DONE ANALYTICS LLC Notice of Formation of Al… see more 08/30/2019
11397047  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION 29 Design Studio, LLC filed … see more 08/23/2019
11397115  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesMAYDEN MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS, LLC Mayden Manag… see more 08/23/2019
11397364  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesLEGAL NOTICE 293 Hudson LLC filed With Secy. of … see more 08/23/2019