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11439580  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesSTROODIES LLC LEGAL NOTICE Notice of formation o… see more 01/24/2020
11441700  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesPG FOSTER BLOCK LLC PG FOSTER BLOCK LLC: Notice … see more 01/24/2020
11442131  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesMOTALABS LLC MotaLabs LLC filed Articles of Orga… see more 01/24/2020
11442132  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesFINGER LAKES TRUCKING LLC Finger Lakes Trucking … see more 01/24/2020
11442639  MonroePersonal PropertyLien SaleLEGAL NOTICE NOTICE NAMES OF PERSONS APPEARING… see more 01/24/2020
11442646  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesRevive Your Tribe, LLC Revive Your Tribe, LLC fi… see more 01/24/2020
11442754  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesKRE PROPERTIES, LLC KRE Properties, LLC. Arts. o… see more 01/24/2020
11444004  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesOXFORD/PARK RENTALS LLC Notice of Formation of O… see more 01/24/2020
11444005  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesBARRINGTON RENTALS LLC Notice of Formation of Ba… see more 01/24/2020
11444010  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesNOTICE TO BIDDERS Monroe County is seeking bids … see more 01/24/2020
11444017  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesINPRESA ENZA LLC Notice of Formation of Inpresa … see more 01/24/2020
11441693  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesMAHNS, LLC Notice of Formation of Mahns, LLC. Ar… see more 01/24/2020
11444012  OrleansBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesRUDY'S SODA BAR AND CAFE LLC Rudy's Soda Bar And… see more 01/24/2020
11441697  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesREQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: VEHICLE MANAGED INVENTORY (… see more 01/17/2020
11441706  OntarioBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesFLX GROUP, LLC Notice of Formation of FLX Group,… see more 01/17/2020
11441705  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesBP#0102-20 JAIL VISITATION & CITY COURT HOLDI… see more01/17/2020
11441709  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION Mindful Inhabitant LLC filed… see more 01/17/2020
11441773  MonroeReal EstateSummonsSUPPLEMENTAL SUMMONS WITH NOTICE Index No.: E201… see more 01/17/2020
11441775  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesREQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: SECURITY GUARD SERVICES (… see more 01/17/2020
11441777  MonroeReal EstateSummonsSUPPLEMENTAL SUMMONS WITH NOTICE Index No.: E201… see more 01/17/2020
11441821  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesRequest for Proposals 2020 Workforce Innovation… see more 01/17/2020
11440373  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesROCHESTER SPITI, LLC Notice of Formation of Roch… see more 01/17/2020
11441143  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesRED ROSE RENTAL LLC Red Rose Rental LLC filed w/… see more 01/17/2020
11439070  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION Premier Communities LLC file… see more 01/17/2020
11435882  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesRIGHT AWAY MEDICAL TRANS LLC Notice of Formation… see more 01/17/2020
11434567  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesHANDUL REHABILITATION LLC Notice of Formation of… see more 01/17/2020
11438645  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesPARK GROVE CARPENTER PARK, LLC PARK GROVE CARPEN… see more 01/17/2020
11438652  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesELDER CARE GUIDANCE LLC Notice of Formation of E… see more 01/10/2020
11438657  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesNOTICE TO ALL BIDDERS NOTICE OF SOLICITATION OF … see more 01/10/2020
11438660  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesBP#0105-20 FURNISH & INSTALL HVAC UPGRADES AT… see more01/10/2020