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11633740  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE: 9 Mitchell Enterprises, LLC filed Artic… see more 01/14/2022
11635123  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesNOTICE Microtransit Services Software (Event 100… see more 01/14/2022
11635130  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesFORMATION Notice of Formation of a Limited Liab… see more 01/14/2022
11635134  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesNOTICE TO BIDDERS Bid #22-2473 REIMAGINE GREECE … see more 01/14/2022
11635138  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesFORMATION Notice of Formation of Robert Jeffery… see more 01/14/2022
11635141  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesKANE'S BOAT SHOP Formation of: Kane's Boat Shop,… see more 01/14/2022
11635143  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE NL HAMBLIN CAPITAL, LLC (LLC) filed Arts.… see more 01/14/2022
11635144  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesDUFFY WELLNESS LLC DUFFY WELLNESS LLC, Arts. of … see more 01/14/2022
11635145  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE: Rozalea LLC filed Art of Org on 12/28/21… see more 01/14/2022
11635147  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesPINEWOOD ENTERPRISES LLC PINEWOOD ENTERPRISES LL… see more 01/14/2022
11635823  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesNOTICE TO BIDDERS Monroe County is seeking bids … see more 01/14/2022
11635895  MonroeBidsGoods and ServicesTASK ORDER ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW SERVICES (EVENT… see more 01/14/2022
11636008  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesBESPOKE HOMES, LLC BESPOKE HOMES, LLC filed Arts… see more 01/14/2022
11632542  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION JPD Trucking Service LLC fil… see more 01/07/2022
11632817  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesRKRI REALTY LLC Notice of Formation of RKRI REAL… see more 01/07/2022
11631618  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION NOTICE OF FORMATION of Desir… see more 01/07/2022
11632042  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION Notice of Formation of Lakes… see more 01/07/2022
11632049  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesBRAZEN LIGHT THEATER COMPANY, LLC Brazen Light T… see more 01/07/2022
11632053  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION NOTICE OF FORMATION - ANY OC… see more 01/07/2022
11633118  MonroeGovernmentTaxesNOTICE TO PAY COUNTY TAXES ON CITY PROPERTY PLEA… see more 01/07/2022
11633119  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesSYLVAN SPRINGS, LLC SYLVAN SPRINGS, LLC. Filed 1… see more 01/07/2022
11633120  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names Entities81 DEGREES BEAUTY PARLOR LLC 81 Degrees Beauty P… see more 01/07/2022
11633121  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesJW IMPROVEMENTS LLC JW Improvements LLC. Filed 1… see more 01/07/2022
11633123  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesCX TOWERS - JERUSALEM, LLC CX Towers - Jerusalem… see more 01/07/2022
11633124  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesCX TOWERS - HUMMOCKS, LLC CX Towers - Hummocks, … see more 01/07/2022
11633126  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesCORNER POST FENCE LLC Corner Post Fence LLC ("LL… see more 01/07/2022
11633404  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesBROADSTONE TSC TEXAS, LLC BROADSTONE TSC TEXAS, … see more 01/07/2022
11633406  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE Notice of formation of Key Turn Realty, L… see more 01/07/2022
11633407  MonroeGovernmentHearings and MinutesLEGAL NOTICE: 2022 Ridge Road Fire District Boa… see more 01/07/2022
11633408  MonroeBusinessNew Business Names EntitiesNOTICE OF FORMATION DR ST. PAUL STREET HOLDINGS … see more 01/07/2022